Hazard Mitigation

Asotin County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan

View the Asotin County Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan Draft 2021 (PDF).

Media Release

From: Mark Janowski, Emergency Manager

Date: December 01, 2020

Re: Asotin County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update, Public Review and Comment Period

Asotin, Washington - Asotin County Emergency Services announced the beginning of a public review and comment period for the final draft of the updated Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan. Starting on November 30, 2020, the draft can be viewed online on the Asotin County Emergency Services website under the “Hazard Mitigation” link. This public review and comment period will end on December 30, 2020.

The purpose of the public review period is to give residents of Asotin County and interested parties an opportunity to review a draft of the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan update. People can also ask questions or submit comments to Asotin County Emergency Manager Mark Janowski, or to the planning consultants with Northwest Management, Inc.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires counties to update this plan every five years to remain eligible for federal funding for hazard mitigation projects. The plan specifically addresses natural hazards such as flood, earthquake, landslide, severe weather, wildland fire, avalanche, tsunami, volcanic eruption, and drought. The plan explores how these hazards affect Asotin County, assesses risk and vulnerability, and then examines ways to mitigate the hazards.

Since the summer of 2019, a planning team has been working with Emergency Services to update the previous plan. This planning team consists of representatives from the cities of Clarkston and Asotin, Asotin County Sheriff’s Office, Asotin County Fire District #1, Blue Mountain Fire District, Asotin County Public Works, Asotin County Building and Planning, Asotin County Conservation District, Asotin County Health District, Asotin County Emergency Services, and the Washington State Department of Emergency Management, as well as consultants from Northwest Management, Inc. This update project is funded by a grant from FEMA.

Public meetings were held in January, 2020 at the city council meetings in Asotin and Clarkston to further explain the Hazard Mitigation Plan and its functions, and to describe the update process. A public outreach survey campaign was held from October-November, 2020 to solicit public opinion on various topics related to hazards in Asotin County. Once a final draft of the plan is agreed upon by the planning team and reviewed by all pertinent parties, it will be submitted to the Washington Emergency Management Division and FEMA.

Southeast Washington Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan

View the Southeast Washington Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF).

How to Reduce Disaster Damage

We can reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of disasters if we take some simple steps now before the earthquake, flood, wind or fire.  Also called mitigation, most of these  “just make good sense” and are not expensive.  If you want to make your home, school, business or workplace safer and more resistant to disasters take these steps:

  1. Think about which hazards affect you.  We all live in an active earthquake area, but some people live in the foothills of Asotin County and are at risk to wildfire.  Others are more prone to wind damage because of where we live, work or go to school.  Many businesses, homes and other structures are near areas prone to floods.
  2. Assess your situation.  Go on a hazard hunt.  Look around your home, business, school or place of work to find things that would be a problem during an emergency.
  3. Take action.

Wildfire Damage Prevention

  • Clear at least 50 feet around structures free of combustibles
  • Enclose eaves and overhangs
  • Move woodpile away from structures
  • Replace wood roof with Class A roof
  • Trim or remove trees
  • Use fire resistant plants

Firewise CommunitiesFirewise Communities

The Firewise website was created for people who live or vacation in fire prone areas of North America. Firewise provides information that will help you to become a firewise individual, and acquaint you with the challenges of living around interface/intermix wildfire. This website provides information that may lessen the risk of wildfire loss for you, your family and your neighbors. You will find online wildfire protection information designed to help you avoid unnecessary fire loss. You will also find a list of offline wildfire protection information as well as links to off-site fire resources.

Earthquake Damage Prevention

  • Anchor heavy bookcases and file cabinets to the wall
  • Anchor overhead lights, heavy artwork and mirrors
  • Anchor top-heavy objects
  • Place heavy objects on lower shelves
  • Strap water heater to the wall

Wind Damage Prevention

  • Install wind resistant roofing (80 plus mile per hour)
  • Pick up loose items outside
  • Secure garage and shop doors

Flood Damage Prevention

  • Elevate heating, cooling and ventilation equipment
  • Elevate main breaker box
  • Elevate washer and dryer in basement or move upstairs
  • Promptly and properly dispose of hazardous materials
  • Store important documents above flood level