New Jail Facility / Criminal Justice Center

Key Points to Consider

New Jail & Criminal Justice Center versus 35 Year Old Existing Jail Facility

  1. Overcrowded jails are dangerous for the community, officers and inmates. The current Asotin County jail was built in 1984 for 16 people. Today, the daily average is about 50.
  2. A three-tenth’s of a penny sales tax spreads out the cost of a bigger jail to more than just the people who live here.
  3. Right now, we only have enough room in our jail to hold the most dangerous people facing felony charges. When our jail is in this kind of crisis, our community is in danger. You, your family and your property deserve protection from those individuals who get released because the jail is too full.
  4. When a jail gets overcrowded, many people are put together in small living areas. And sometimes, good people make poor choices. We understand not everyone spending a night in jail is a violent offender. They deserve protection from those who are.
  5. The three-tenth’s of a penny sales tax money will only be used for building, maintaining and operating the jail. And the money will stay local. It will create new jobs and opportunities for law enforcement. It also opens the door for inmate education, training and reintegration program.
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