New Jail Facility / Criminal Justice Center

Asotin County New Jail Press Release

On 9 August a mandatory meeting for parties interested to apply for the General Contractor / Construction Manager (GC/CM) design-build process was conducted.  Three applicants attended via Zoom. Application, Statement of Qualifications, must be completed and submitted by e-mail no later than 23 August or mailed with a postmark of no later than 24 August.

A 3 Step process will be utilized to review, grade and provided information to the County Board of Commissioners for final selection. It is anticipated final selection will be accomplished at the October 3rd, County Board of Commissioners meeting.  

Asotin County has been approved by the Washington State Capital Projects Advisory Review Board/ Project Review Committee to participate in the General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) Program. The County had been previously denied participation in the GC/CM Program prior to the unsuccessful Project Bid in September. Over the next few weeks a Request for Proposal will be published to hire a General Contractor / Construction Manager. This process will have significant impact on the ability to look for cost savings and possible design modifications in order to build the Jail within the Budget. Modifications and Design Changes may include a change of materials, reduced scope of infrastructure and size of the building, i.e. only build the part of the building that will be used now. The plan had been a full buildout of the Building and infrastructure for a future build of Jail Cells.

The commitment of the management team and the addition of the GC/CM is the best solution to build the Jail to meet our needs and ensure the design allows for future expansion. An estimated completion time frame is early spring of 2024.   

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