Who is Eligible

A child may be eligible for Birth-to-Three services in one of these ways:

  • Compared to same-age peers, child has a 25% delay in at least one developmental area including;
    • Physical: Reaching for and grasping toys, crawling, walking, jumping.
    • Cognitive: Watching activities, following simple directions, problem-solving.
    • Social-emotional: Making needs known, initiating games, starting to take turns.
    • Communication: Vocalizing, babbling, using two- to three-word phrases.
    • Adaptive: Holding a bottle, eating with fingers, getting dressed
  • The child has a diagnosis with a high risk of delay (this includes prematurity, prenatal drug exposure and many medical conditions); or
  • Evaluators use Informed Clinical Opinion.

Children must be under the age of 3 and live in Asotin County.

For Children in Nez Perce County Idaho find out more information at Health and Welfare of Idaho or contact Susan Sennett at 208-798-4119.

For programs in other Washington Counties find your provider (PDF).

Learn more about eligibility for services at the Department of Early Learning website.