Transition from Birth to Three Services

Moving out of the Birth to Three Program or to another program or supports is called Transition. Your child may transition because:

  • Your child is turning three
  • Your child no longer meets the eligibility criteria for Birth-to-Three
  • You move within the state or to another state

Transitioning at Age Three

As your child nears age three and services from Birth-to-Three will end, he or she may transition to preschool special education offered by your local school district or to other community programs. Approximately 80% of the children leaving Washington State's Birth-to-Three program are eligible to attend preschool special education programs. To be sure that the process is smooth and that services are in place no later than your child's third birthday, it is essential your family, your Birth-to-Three provider and your school district personnel work through this transition process together.

Around six months before your child's third birthday, your FRC will work with you to develop the transition plan section of your IFSP that is unique to your child. Your transition plan will identify options available to you and your child and the specific steps that need to occur, who is responsible for each of these steps, and timelines. At a minimum, the transition plan must include the processes for:

  • Referring your child to your local school district, including giving written permission for the Birth-to-Three provider to share your child's name and developmental information to the school district
  • Scheduling a transition planning meeting with your family and the school district staff at least 90 days before your child's third birthday
  • Exploring other alternatives for when your child turns three

The transition meeting will include you, Birth-to-Three staff and preschool special education staff from your school district. The school district staff will:

  • Explain your child's and your rights as a parent.
  • Explain eligibility criteria for preschool special education and determine whether additional evaluation information is needed.
  • Explain the process for determining whether your child is eligible for preschool special education and provide information about the Individual Education Program (IEP) process.

For transition to school timelines and a general overview of the transition process, you can access the State's Transition Brochure.