Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

A written plan, called an IFSP, is developed by the team to record your family and child goals. It lists the early intervention services that will best help reach those outcomes and describes when, where, and how those services will be delivered.

The Individualized Family Service Plan will include:

  • You! Families are essential!
  • Anyone you want to include-extended family members, child care providers, or anyone important to your family
  • Your Family Resources Coordinator, who will help facilitate the meeting
  • Usually at least one service provider from the Birth-to-Three agency, such as an educator, social worker, speech therapist, or motor therapist

The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Make a plan for services
  • Discuss and agree on outcomes that would be meaningful and useful for your family
  • Get your permission to start providing services

The provider is required to schedule this meeting within 45 day of your child's first referral (Step 1). Parents may request updates or changes to the IFSP by contacting their Family Resource Coordinator. Every six months, there will also be a review or opportunity to change and update the plan.